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Why visit an empty tomb?

The tomb is empty! Come and see for yourself!

Mary was weeping and laughing from joy so unspeakable she sounded almost incoherent.

Her friends thought she had lost it. But what she had really lost was her doubts.

Doubts that arose while she watched His execution and makeshift burial.

He said He would rise again, but would He really?

Now the doubts were gone and she wanted all of us to know.

The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed!

A trip to Jerusalem deserves an hour of your time visiting the Garden Tomb.

While it may not be the original tomb of Jesus, it provides an atmosphere of peace in which you can explore a beautiful garden with an authentic rock-cut tomb complete with a rolling stone for a doorway. Take time to go see it during your stay with us. You'll be gad you did.


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